The following Diploma Programmes offered are full-time 3-year courses that prepare you to be proficient in both industry training and theory training.

Providing top-notch professional art and design education is our aim, and we make sure our students come away with skills and knowledge that will last them for their whole careers. Their work delivers clear messages, creatively solves problems and is vivid proof of why The One Academy graduates are trusted throughout the industry to provide solid, stunning results.


Digital Animation

Cultivate ideas, creativity, artistry and technological mastery; a strong grasp of art, imagination and effective storytelling skills to keep audiences engaged and entertained in the world of Animation.


Film Visual Effects

The integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic but would be impossible to capture on film in reality.



Visual representation of an idea or storytelling which offers artists the opportunity to transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions into inspiring visuals.


Digital Media Design

Aims to nurture talents to keep up with digital trends and contribute to the rapidly evolving economy of today’s technology-driven world.


Advertising & Graphic Design

A discipline that utilises artistic, innovative and strategic thinking to create creative work aimed to build brands, market businesses, sell products or promote social welfare.


Interior Design

Planning, designing and organizing the detail elements of an interior space while learning to identify, research and creatively provide quality and functional solutions.


Fashion Design & Pattern Making

Emphasizing on imagination, creativity and intelligence to create and recreate the fashion culture and lifestyle in the vastly dynamic fashion industry.


Fine Arts

Nurture sophisticated talents rooted in the global art movement, centralising on concrete fine arts fundamentals to help transfer ideas and emotions into works of art.



A Pathway to Higher-Level Studies

The Certificate programme is specially designed to assist students in obtaining the essential knowledge, skills and qualification to enrol in Year 1 of the Diploma programmes, or to engage in the related industry.


Communication Design

The Certificate in Communication Design is a 4-semester induction programme that focuses on art and design fundamental studies. Students will undergo comprehensive foundation training in the art & design process while building their confidence to further explore their chosen field upon the completion of this course.