The One Academy is constantly sought after an education partner by universities all over the world!


Q: Do I need to buy a computer?

A: It is highly recommended to buy a computer or laptop, as many of our classes have computer-based subjects and revolve around major-specific softwares. You are expected to complete your projects using computers, especially during your majoring years.

If you cannot afford a laptop or a computer, you can book them or make use of those available in our computer labs through our first-come-first-serve booking system.


Q:When can I use the computer labs?

A: Different labs are open to different majors for different time periods, but as a general rule our labs are available after daily class sessions are over, and remain open until midnight. However, for safety reasons, we do not encourage you to stay on campus too late.


Q: Do I need any art and computing knowledge before enrolling at TOA?

A: No. There are no specific requirements on this. You are welcome from any educational background because you will be equipped with a strong foundation in art & design as well as computer knowledge in your 1st semester.


Q: Are there specific skills I need to acquire in order to excel in my major?

A: You will be trained during your 1st semester for all the fundamental skills required for any major.


Q: Is there any public transportation to The One Academy, Bandar Sunway?

A: You may also take either the commuter train or LRT (Light Rail Transit) and hop on the frequent feeder buses to arrive at the academy.