The One Academy is an international art and design institution, dedicated to professional art and design education.


Co-founder, Managing Director & Principal, The One Academy
Asia’s Renowned Leader in Professional Creativity & Education
Honorary President, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia
Recipient of The Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award, Hong Kong
Recipient of The Outstanding Young Malaysian Award (Junior Chamber International, Malaysia)
"Renowned for our students and graduates' practical success, The One Academy is a culmination of, among others, guidance from top creative gurus and world-class academic standards, combined with exceptionally strong working relationships with the industry. But don't just take our word for it, if you are serious about your future, come on over and witness our market-proven results yourself - The One Academy will always extend a warm welcome!"

Co-founder & Director of Digital Art
Lee Loong Wun, One of Asia Pacific’s international award-winning pioneers renowned in the fields of new media visual communication and effects.
"Practical expertise over the tools of creative technology is only the beginning, as the real challenges are about nurturing an innate understanding of our reality, of the world around us, and mastering the ways to leverage on those insights."

"In living a full life and giving back in a holistic way, we established our role as concerned and creative entrepreneurs to develop excellent professional facilities and opportunities that will encourage the synergy of millions of great creative individuals, advancing our world indefinitely in a sustainable way." – The late Co-founder and Joint Managing Director of The One Academy (1991-2009)