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The Government of China has officially recognised
The One Academy
Updated 2016-01-28

The Government of China has officially recognised The One Academy as a tertiary institution that has registered with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, and is an independent legal entity with healthy credit standing, thus fulfilling the criteria to recruit students from China.

As shown by the website of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia (Here),
The One Academy is one of the 24 private tertiary institutions that has been recognised and granted this honour by the Government of China out of 464 private tertiary institutions in Malaysia.

The Government of China has also acknowledged that the courses taught in The One Academy, as well as Diplomas and Degrees conferred are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), an agency under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Details of the accreditation of courses can be viewed at the MQA website (Here).

Recognised by China Embassy

The One Academy是一所经中国政府承认、马来西亚教育部审批注册的学院,具有独立法人资格,资信状况良好,具备招收中国留学生的条件.

显示,The One Academy是马来西亚464所高等私立院校中,受中国政府认可的其中24家之一.

The One Academy专业课程和大学课程质量皆由马来西亚教育部学术资格鉴定机构(MQA)监督审查,并获得资格认证。课程认证详细资料可浏览MQA网站查询(网址:点击).