The One Academy leads world-class learning in an industry-driven campus environment where aspiring designers experience real-world practice in creativity.


International Student Support

You should obtain a Student Pass Approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering Malaysia. Students who enter the country without a Student Pass Approval will be liable for Journey Performed (JP) fees and processing fees by the Immigration Department of Malaysia upon entering the country. (Must comply with conditions)

Our International Student Office will assist you in putting forth the student pass / visa. With this service, you would not need to be present during the application.


Certificate Service

Certifications of documents related to loan applications, income tax (for fee declaration purposes) and field trip/research projects, can be done at the Student Services Department.

For more information on how you can get assistance on the certification of documents, please refer to the Student Services Department or email to

Further Education

Your diploma or degree is not the end of your professional art and design education – it is a lifelong experience. If you choose to pursue further qualifications, you have the option of doing so at our partner universities. Our International Office offers advice and liaison services, assists with applications and arrange for interviews, if necessary.

Student Portal

Maintained for the benefit of all students, regardless of major, the Student E-Portal provides information and useful updates on the latest happenings at The One Academy. The site is updated regularly and can be viewed at

Financial Aid

Everyone should have a chance to receive a great professional education. Our financial aid page has an extensive list of loans and scholarships students can take advantage of.

The list is updated from time to time thus students will find the page helpful in getting assistance to pursue their professional education.


Guiding you towards a fulfilling study experience, student counsellors are available to provide support to students who seek guidance or need assistance on various challenges encountered throughout their years of study, related to supportive problem-solving assistance for academic or personal concerns.

Students are welcome to approach our professionally-equipped counsellors or make an appointment during office hours. All discussion is held at your discretion and confidentiality is practiced. You are also welcome to drop an e-mail to our counsellors at