The One Academy leads world-class learning in an industry-driven campus environment where aspiring designers experience real-world practice in creativity.




Field trips are frequently organised to give you the appropriate exposure to the working environment. Among the long list of destinations are production houses, printing companies, broadcast stations, animation studios, advertising companies, multimedia studios, art galleries, exhibitions and many other interesting places.

Through participation in field trips, students will gain the opportunity to interact among themselves besides having an out-of-classroom learning experience of the works in the industry. This will also enable them to find inspiration for their assignments and projects.

Exploration Week

It is vital to ensure that students are given ample space to reflect on their learning outcomes while balancing their progress in order to serve as a comforting supporting to their vigorous learning curve throughout the semester. Hence, exploration week is the time for respective lecturers to arrange for field trips to places of relevance, workshops, movie reviews and even through tutorials or specially arranged critiques sessions and seminars.

Replacement of cancelled classes can be scheduled during this week besides diverse academic excursions.



Personal Development Training

We understand that besides constant studying and creating outstanding work, you will occasionally require motivational and inspirational support.

Within your 3 years, you will have the opportunity to take part in Neuro-linguistic Workshops (NLP) conducted by a professional personal development mentor, outbound training and professional seminars arranged by our lecturers. Gain confidence and knowledge as you learn team-building, leadership skills and inner resilience as you move on towards your graduation. Most importantly, have fun and have your mind opened while doing so!